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What an Event!

A Word from Mandi

Let’s start a nonprofit… it will be fun they said. Honestly though… The Copper Rain family is the only reason why we are able to do what we do with this foundation. Everyone steps into their gifting and together, with many hands an impact is made.

Running the Copper Rain Foundation has been the hardest and most rewarding thing. It has stretched me, brought me to tears countless times, and grown me into a stronger person. Chelea is not just my amazing co-founder she is my other half. We couldn’t be more different … yet we perfectly complement each other and that’s what makes this work. Our board is one close knit group and I’m so thankful for the hearts of each of these women and could not do it without our team Alysa, Laura and Barbara.

Our phenomenal graphic designer and friend has helped us rebrand not one, not twice but THREE times! And she has created a timeless design for us. It was such a joy seeing Chapman Craft work displayed at the market!

It feels so surreal that we are able to organize these events and make a small difference in the community… and watching all those involved join together for one purpose- to serve others in the cancer community is one of the sweetest gifts.

$10,000 raised… you all did that. Taking some of the financial burden off the Gambrel family while their 2-year-old is treated at PCH… you all did that! Creating lasting friendships and memories that will last beyond these hard days of treatment… you all did that!

My heart continues to be forever changed by this foundation and our Copper Rain family continues to grow.

Thank you for joining us on this adventure. Thank you for supporting this foundation. Thank you for generously giving of your resources and time.

From Chelsea

Almost a week later and I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the events leading up to the Market. The weeks before the event were filled with so much prayer and surrender and God just kept showing up.

On market day I was either crying with someone, laughing with someone or hugging someone. Exactly how I want every day in my life. It was a day filled with so much emotion that my cup is overflowing.

Honesty, I have no idea how I got here. The Copper Rain Foundation is 100% God breathed and God ordained.

Mandi and I never in our wildest dreams thought this is where we would be today…raising $10,000 for a family we

have never meet to help with something we have never gone through. I just can’t

put into words how I feel about what God is doing because let me tell you, it’s all Him.

Yes Mandi and I love it, yes we and this amazing team put int the hard work...

But God…. God is leading the way and we are here to follow Him. Stepping into a calling you didn’t know was in your heart and to see it pour out of you is the best affirmation that we are living in Gods plans and serving Him through our gifts he

has blessed us with.

I wish we could do this every weekend and help everyone battling childhood cancer because let me tell you I would if I could! What I do know is this, God wants me here and now and that’s where I will be. I will serve God and be used by him because with Him all things are possible. I cannot wait to step into more of what He has for us!

Everyone keeps asking what’s next for Copper Rain and we have no idea, ha! But we can not wait for God to show us!

Stay tuned!

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