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Chelsea was once told, “If you host an event, it should have some purpose behind it. If you’re not helping someone, you have missed an opportunity.” The impact of those words is exactly why AZ Local Hearts Market shifted from a casual pop up event to a fully designated non profit foundation, now known as Copper Rain.

Once we saw how willing our vendors were to donate both their time and products towards our vision, we were convinced this was our purpose. Little did we know, this tiny backyard event would now be directly benefiting families fighting childhood cancer.


When you become a part of the Copper Rain Foundation, you become a part of our family. Whether you are a vendor, shopper, volunteer or the beneficiary, we promise you, your lives will be forever touched by the love that Christ has for you and the blessings he has a poured over this foundation.


We are Copper Rain

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Join Us.

Our Mission



By bringing together like-minded people, we gather with one purpose; to help families battling childhood cancer.

From a backyard pop-up market to a fully designated non-profit foundation, our hope and dream is to provide a community where families can find reprieve and emotional support.

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The Copper Rain Foundation exists to support local business through community events while raising money for Arizona families battling a childhood cancer diagnosis. With the love of Christ as our guide we know we can change the world one family at a time.



 We all have a why. It is what pushes us, what drives us, and what helps us chose the right path. Our why, our guide, our compass is our faith and hope in Jesus Christ. Knowing we have the creator of all things in our corner is the reassurance we have to keep moving forward, to have faith in the unseen. 

Hebrews 11:1
Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.


Meet the Founders + Board

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Chelsea the co-founder and President of Copper Rain is a wife of 14 years to the legend Ben Craigs and a mama bear of three wild kids, Cooper, Preslee and Millie. When not wrangling her crazies she is shredding on her mountain bike, roasting coffee, dancing in the rain or window shopping with friends.


As a child her parents taught her to always go above and beyond when it came to hosting events and making people feel a part of the family. From a family-owned nursing home and deep-rooted traditions for hosting Chelsea set out on the world as a healthcare visionary. Chelsea has worked in the emergency room for the last 8 years and has loved every minute of it.  


Today Chelsea has taken her knowledge for hosting events and her love for health care and together with Mandi the heart of the operation they created Copper rain.  

Mandi is the Co-founder and Vice President of The Copper Rain Foundation. She is married to her love of the life, Dave and is mama to three girls, Gracelyn, Briella and Adeline. She spends her time snuggling babies, enjoying a cup of coffee with a friend and going on adventures with her family! 

With a love for Jesus, for children, and just loving people in general she became a certified doula and began practicing newborn photography. 


However, when her middle daughter was diagnosed with an esophageal disease in 2019 she saw that the siblings and parents of sick kiddos needed just as much support as the patients themselves. For Mandi seeing this need, and being able to offer support utilizing  the community resources was exactly what the market was missing.  With the help of her co-founder and visionary, Chelsea, they were able to grow a small in home gathering into a full fledged market and eventually and non profit foundation. 


“Watching vendors, shoppers and neighbors come together for one purpose is such a beautiful picture of what community really means -and what our world needs more of.” 

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Alysa Marks works as the Manager of Domestic Engineering in her bustling household. She has a Masters and P.D. in patience. Her best work qualities include baby wrangler, executive chef, and search and rescue of all the missing items. Her days are filled with love and laughter from her one year old Scarlett, her six year old Redford, and her eleven year old Abigail. Alysa’s husband Scott works hard, so she can fulfill her dream of being the best stay at home mom possible.

At one point in her life, she did earn an actual Bachelors of Science in Biology in hopes of a career in the medical field, but for now she is content with the hardest yet most rewarding job of raising kind humans. The love of seeing joy in a child’s face is what drew her to Copper Rain and seeing families supported by this beautiful community continues her passion of creating a support system for families battling childhood cancer.

Laura Cash is a mom of three, wife, and ultimate sports coordinator for her family! On any given day she juggles from 1 to 100 tasks but loves all of it! She enjoys watching her kids play sports, hanging with friends with a glass of wine, or stealing away for a date night with her husband of almost 20 years! She has a secret love for country dancing. She has a passion for Jesus and serving others. She has fun working with excel and numbers and is always looking for a reason to make a spreadsheet!

With a degree in psychology she is always looking to use the many things that she has learned in new ways. She is so excited to be able to join the Copper Rain foundation team and help where she can. She is excited for all the things to come in the many families that they will be able to serve and meet!

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From our community 

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Dottie Hart

Copper Rain is an incredible foundation that is near and dear to my heart after watching my parents struggle to make ends meet when my brother grew up going thru treatments and procedures for his brain cancer. I love that I have this opportunity to help out another family so they don't have such a monetary burden. I know they also feel the love and support from their community and that speaks volumes.

Julie Schlaiss

I look forward to each Copper Rain event. I love discovering new, local small businesses at their markets who have a heart for giving back. The Copper Rain team is so intentional with everything they do. They bring so much light and support to families during times of uncertainty.

Brandee Cross

We love The Copper Rain Foundation! Their hearts for giving back to families ahhh cancer children are so big! Their markets are so much fun! it's great meeting local small businesses while learning more about how I can make an impact in helping someone's needs. The small business vendors always have the CUTEST gift baskets for raffles! We look forward to the market event every season!

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