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Kenzlie YTD.jpg

This is sweet Kenzlie. She was just two years old when she was diagnosed with High-Risk Neuroblastoma. She had a softball size tumor on her left side squishing all of her organs internally. They immediately started chemo and then Kenzlie was chosen to fly to fort worth, Texas to receive the clinical study treatment of MIBG therapy. They got a MRI done to compare the size of the tumor to when they first started this journey. Her tumor had shrunk from just over 22 inches in diameter, to just barely over 6 inches. Praise God!

Since returning home she has received round 4 of chemo, a 6-hour tumor resection, unfortunately the 6-hour surgery turned in a 14-hour surgery. Her surgeon did an amazing job and was able to remove the whole tumor and only had to remove 10% of her left kidney. This was a huge win. She finished her round 5 of chemo and the tandem stem cell bone marrow transplant! She is on the road to healing and we praise the Lord for his provisions. 

Lily YTD.jpg

This is sweet Lily!  Lily was battling her second relapse of brain cancer when we met her. She was an amazing fighter that was such a light. She fought each round of chemo with the power of a lion. Weeks before our market Lily lost her sight do to the chemo and the cancer moving. She was able to attend the market and as she talked and walked the event, we were blown away with her ability to touch and feel all the products. She won the hearts of all vendors and shoppers. We have forever been touched by the joy of Lily. We lost Lilly June 5th, 2021. She will always be in our hearts and a part of the Copper Rain family. 

Davis YTD.jpg

Davis was our very first beneficiary. Davis was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer. After 43 weeks of chemo and 6.5 weeks of daily radiation he moved onto maintenance chemo. Today Davis's scans are clear, and he is cancer free! He is such a fighter!!! Continue praying for him and his family.

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