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Do you have a heart for the childhood cancer community? Are you looking for an organization that stands for spreading love, hope and opens the doors to helping Arizona families? Then you have found the right place. With each donation our team rejoices in Gods provision to support our efforts to help our community. We could never run with foundation without the love and support from all of you.

Thank you for taking the time to consider donating to our foundation!

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Peggy Saylor

The Copper Rain Foundation has a heart  for young children with childhood cancer. The women that started this foundation and continue to grow it; want to give a lifeline to the families of these little ones. They host events and markets to raise money for this very reason. I love and  whole-heartedly endorse The CopperRain Foundation.  My prayer is that this foundation will continue to bless many more children and their families in the years to come.


Rachel Schroeder

Copper Rain gets straight to the heart of it- finding families who are fighting cancer and supporting them when they need it most. They partner with local companies and put together beautiful events, all in faith that they can do the most for a family who is at the worst moment of their life. Copper Rain comes in and brings beauty and love when a family needs a breath of hope. 

Heather Gilliand

Copper Rain foundation is an amazing group that supports families who are dealing with childhood cancer.  Being a family who dealt with childhood cancer personally, I know the struggles and the fears that the entire family deals with.  And being the owner of a small business, Copper Rain Foundation gives me the opportunity to reach out to these families to support them financially and emotionally. Thank you, Copper Rain for all you do to support these hurting families…I appreciate being a part of it

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