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We've been published!

We are over the moon to announce that The Copper Rain Foundation has been chosen as a feature in Voyage Phoenix Magazine. We cannot even express to you all how amazing of a moment this is for the foundation. We have had our ups and downs as any small business would but when dealing with childhood cancer it can be a bit more complicated. We have found such incredible joy in building this foundation through the families we are helping to the people who want to help. These people want to join the cause, they have seen what we are doing and want to be a part of it, they want to help. We host fun, happy events with the goal of raising money for families in need...but then comes the family. These families are in unimaginable pain. Pain no family should ever go through. Thier lives are far from fun and happy. They are hurting. Learning how to balance those two worlds simultaneously is our biggest hurdle. When you walk with someone who is experiencing this kind of trauma it can be hard to know just how to help. That is why Copper Rain is here today. We want to help these families, walk with them and give their community a way to step in when they feel like there would never be enough to truly help. Since Arizona Local Hearts began our goal was to help in any way we can. Today, three years later, one name change and a lot of growth we are ready to help you help them! Thank you for seeing the vision of Copper Rain and taking the time to pray for, financially support and attend our events all for the bigger picture of helping one family at a time.

Check out our article and learn more about us! We'd love to have you join us.

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